Vienna Years Ago

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The confusion of war is brought to life by Tom Joyce. Six short stories unfold in Vienna during the 1940s. Each story shines light on the whole collection as the author explores moving vignettes between husbands and wives, siblings, and friends in a time of conflict. The author’s trademark honesty radiates in each page as he zooms into the daily lives of a police inspector, a soldier, a former SS major, and a doctor.

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About the Author

Tom Joyce has written several novels and short stories set in 1940s Vienna. The years he spent working in jails and state penitentiaries in Ohio, on top of his military service, helped him make them real and relatable characters.

He taught courses for FBI agents, police officers, and college students. He earned his PhD from Cornell University.

He is currently working on his fifth novel about a police inspector.

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“Yakub,” the young woman said while keeping her eyes focused on the floor.

“They will put me in jail if you don’t do this thing for them.” She spoke with remoteness, like her words were rehearsed. Most likely they were.

“Wanda? You are alive.” Father Yakub’s voice was filled with wonder.

The young woman repeated her words. “They will put me in their awful jail if you don’t do this thing for them.”

The same rehearsed sound in the voice, but as she lifted her face, her eyes filled with emotion. She stared, and her eyes spoke to Father Paskievich of the time in the recent past when they had been teenagers together, and he had been her trusted older brother.

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